Cris & Me is an interior design and architectural company founded by Cristina and Michele Fumagalli, brother and sister from Milan, who decided to combine their various skills and expertise to create a company to satisfy all requirements.

Creating and building the perfect home for their clients is Cris&Me’s main objective, from the design concept to completion through an extensive network of the best Italian master craftsmen.



Cristina Fumagalli is a fully qualified Architect graduated from the Polytechnic University of Milan,  registered in Italy (Monza&Brianza, n° 2032), specialised in luxury interior design and architecture and has an international working experience.


She started work in Milan in 2000; she then worked in London for 3 years in an international studio,  and then 2 years in Dubai as a manager for a local interior design company, focusing on luxury homes in the Middle East.


Before creating Cris&Me, she collaborated for 4 years as a freelance consultant for a company based in Milan, working on projects for the Qatari Royal Family and numerous luxury villas on Lake Como.


She is responsible for all the projects and designs and she handles all the Italian suppliers and craftsmen, dedicating a special attention to detail, pursuing always elegance and quality. 

She divides her time between Milan and London. 


Michele Fumagalli graduated from the Bicocca University of Milan in Business Economics, studied a year in Spain and  in Argentina and  holds a master in Marketing and Communication.

He is based in London, where he has been working in the financial industry as a Fixed Income specialist since 2006.


His role within Cris&Me is that of business developer, following the client step by step, assisting with all the phases of the project, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and deadlines. 


He focuses on helping clients find the right property investments in England and Italy, and specializes in the new villa vacation rental market with project financing, renovating particular properties to make them attractive while offsetting the costs through prestigious holiday rentals.